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Welcome to the tutorial about templating and web interactions!


If you don't have a Mindsmiths IDE, first go through the Before we begin steps.

In this short tutorial, you'll create a simple web-application for creating workout plans using Armory. Even if you've never made your own web-app before, don't worry. We'll take you through everything step by step, and after the tutorial you'll be able to confidently create intuitive and customized web-apps.


Often times people join an event, sign up for an interesting workshop or even apply for a position at a new company via some sort of form following a standardized process. In these situations, you want to both do a good job onboarding the person, and provide a user experience that will make users feel comfortable. We'll show you an efficient way to easily cover both of these goals using Felix - an AI agent that finds perfect workout plans for its users.

In this tutorial you'll learn:

  • What is Armory
  • How to quickly build awesome website templates
  • How to easily implement business flows with screen sequences
  • How to add different screen components, such as images, cloud select, back buttons etc.
  • How to adapt screen design using css
  • How to improve user experience with guidance

Now you know what's cooking, let's kick it right off!