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In this short tutorial, we'll create a simple agent for onboarding. For this we will use a web template system called Armory and introduce you to some of its basic concepts.

What exactly is Armory?

Mindsmiths Armory allows us to dinamically generate web-application screens. It is seamlessly integrated with the Mindsmiths platform, with predefined components and styles, which makes prototyping fast and easy.

Armory comes in handy when you want to quickly and easily create an app-like experience for your users, with the sequences of screens providing the feeling of guidance through the process you are modeling. We're only building the most straightforward onboarding process, but you can easily extend it to use cases when people join new events, sign up for workshops or apply for interviews.

To demonstrate Armory's core functionalities, we'll create a new agent - Mindy Smith - to guide you through your screen building journey. After this tutorial, you'll be ready to create your own Armory web-apps and start experimenting with different screen templates. Let's start!