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Environment setup

The Mindsmiths Platform is fully cloud-based, and you can access it via a link to a Visual Studio Code web IDE. You can request access to an instance of the platform here.

VSCode web IDE

To check that everything is set up correctly, just click FORGE RUN in the upper right corner. Now just watch the Platform come to life! You should soon see the heartbeat of your personal helper - Agent Smith.

14:41:53 rule-engine | [2022-02-14 14:41:53.406] [INFO]: Smith's heartbeat - num agents: 1
14:41:55 rule-engine | [2022-02-14 14:41:55.409] [INFO]: Smith's heartbeat - num agents: 1

You don't have to worry about what heartbeat means straight away. For now this simply means you are fully set and ready to start with development. You can stop the run by pressing CTRL+C in the Terminal. Now let’s get rolling!