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Quick start

Create a project

It's really easy to create a new project. Just open a terminal and write:

pip install forge-cli

This will install the Forge CLI tool. Then, create a new project:

forge create-project my-project

This will create a new project in the my-project directory. Open the terminal in that directory and continue with the next steps.

Initial setup

The first thing you need to do is to run the initial setup. This will install all the dependencies and create the initial databases.

forge init

Now, you should be able to run the project:

forge run

It might take a minute or two to run everything. Once it's done, you should see Smith's heartbeat - num agents: 1 in the terminal.

To exit, press Ctrl+C.

Creating an agent

Now that we have a running project, let's create our first agent. Agents are the core of the Mindsmiths Platform. They contain the business logic of your system. They also handle the communication with the outside world.

forge create-agent MyAgent

This will create a new agent in the agents directory of the rule engine (both the Java and Drl versions).

Connecting to the outside world

In this example we'll connect to the Web integration. This will allow us to serve dynamic web-pages to our users.


For more integrations, check out the Integrations section.

First, install the integration:

pip install armory

Then, add it to the project:

armory setup

You will be prompted to enter the name of the agent that will handle the signals. Enter the agents name from the last step and press Enter. Next prompt will ask you to provide Armory site URL. Here just enter your IDE's URL, which will automatically be saved in your .env file, and you can find it at any moment.

Entering the Armory site URL

For example, you should enter with the XXXXXXX being the digits you have in your web IDE link.

Connecting it all together

Let's open agent's rules file (resources/rules/myAgent/MyAgent.drl) and add a simple rule (replace MyAgent with the name of your agent):

import com.mindsmiths.armory.event.UserConnected;
// ...
rule "Handle new user connection"
then"User connected!");

Now, execute forge run in terminal. Once everything is up and running, visit http://8000.<your-web-ide-url> (if running locally, visit http://localhost:8000). You should see a message in the terminal saying User connected!.