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A platform for enhancing human-machine cooperation by building AI-first solutions

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No installation required. Just open a Mindsmiths cloud environment for free and start coding.

Model human expertise

Write business logic in an intuitive approach, using the same reasoning as humans.

Integrate everywhere

Quickly integrate with WhatsApp, GPT-3, email, webhooks, and more.

Build a conversational partner on top of state-of-the-art AI

Ready to create your own fun and intelligent chatbot? Follow our tutorial and learn how to use the latest technologies in NLP and machine learning to create a chatbot that can engage in meaningful conversations with users.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to create your very own intelligent agent – start building now!

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Enhance human-machine cooperation in healthcare using AutoML

Learn how to create a multi-agent system that takes human-machine communication to the next level by building complex agents that can learn from experts in real-time with AutoML.

Join us in this exciting journey of creating intelligent agents that learn from humans.

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Create an enhanced onboarding user experiences on the web in minutes

Build an intuitive and engaging user experience on the web by using beatiful pre-built components that can build a web-page on the go. All in a couple of minutes!

Start building your AI-powered dynamic experience now!

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